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John 3

Lost and found, oh my goodness. The very mention of these words can make a traveler pause and silently do an inventory in their head. If you travel and have forgotten something in your room, take some solace in the fact that you are not alone.

A short list of the usual suspects are electric toothbrushes, miscellaneous clothes of various kinds, umbrellas, books of all sorts, and phone chargers, phone chargers, and more phone chargers. These items have come to be the usual daily fare, so they don’t surprise me anymore.

What does surprise me is what our guests will call for, but more interestingly, not call for. For instance; underwear, women’s shoes, and children’s stuffed toys will be called for. (Okay, I get the ladies shoes, but underwear?) Passports and other ID’s (including but not limited to birth certificates), jewelry, cash, and assorted items that hold significant value will not be called for. I have made it a practice to place a hurried call to a departed guest to let them know of an item was left in their room, and their response is usually a surprising calmness. “I have your birth certificate, and also your husband’s and two children as well” is met with “oh did I forget those?” “Sir, I believe you left your passport behind” conjures a muted response of “well, I can’t deal with that now, I’m about to board a plane…” How does one fly without their passport? You got me.

Yes, I have seen a wide range of items left behind, some of which are better left unsaid. But if you stay with us and leave an item behind, trust me, I am more than happy to get it back to you, especially if the lost item is your phone charger.