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Summer Farmers Market Bounty

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Guests and employees alike have something to look forward to every Wednesday from May to October, 10am - 2pm – the Shemanski Park Farmers Market. Located in the North Park Blocks, just a block behind the hotel, the farmers market offers the best of what the Pacific Northwest has to offer – locally grown produce, specialty treats, food carts, flowers and more.

A few weeks ago, I just couldn’t pass up these beautiful fava beans. Fava beans may not be common in the home cook’s kitchen, but come Spring you’re bound to see them in the Portland area farmers’ markets. They have a nutty, fresh flavor that’s a bit less sweet than most peas.

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A bit of work is required to prep the beans, but the payoff is totally worth it. Firstly, the peas are hidden in the tough outer skins. Break off an end, unzip the pod and you’ll find the beans inside. Once you’ve removed the beans from all your pods, bring a salted pot of water to boil. Blanch the beans for a just a minute or two. Drain and immediately drop in a bowl of ice water to stop them from cooking. You’ll now need to remove the outer skin from each bean by essentially squeezing them one at a time between two fingers. The bright green inner bean should pop right out.

For a quick dinner, I sautéed them up with some fennel, parsley, almonds and lemon. Scooped some onto a steaming bowl of polenta, grabbed a glass of rose and called it a night.

On your next stay with us be sure to check out the Shemanski Park Farmers Market. You’ll get a taste (literally!) of the best of Portland.

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