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Chef Alexander Sullivan-Parker


I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Swank + Swine’s new Executive Chef and getting to know him beyond his food. If you haven't been to the restaruant or bar in a while, you need to stop by and check out what he's been up to. Pretty fantasic stuff.

  • Chef Alex

If you weren’t going to be a Chef, what was Plan B? Being a Chef was actually Plan B. I have a degree in English with a minor in Ancient Greek Philosophy and had the plan to go onto grad school to become a Professor of English.

What was the first dish you made that impressed you? Inspired from all the green spring vegetables at the farmer’s market, after a winter of potatoes and turnips, I created a dish we named “Chlorophyll”. (My apologies readers – I am unable to fully describe the dish as Chef Alexander did in such poetic detail but trust me, it sounded amazing.)

What type of music do you listen to in the kitchen? We listen to everything from Lady Gaga to Arch Enemy. Anything goes from Pop to Death Metal.

What was the first concert you went to? Stevie Nicks opening for Bob Dylan, I’m still a big Fleetwood Mac fan.

At the end of day what is your drink of choice ? Reposado Tequila

What hidden talents do you have? I run. I finished the Myrtle Beach marathon as the fastest local male, qualifying for the Boston marathon and winning a year’s worth of Chick-fil-A.

Where do you like to eat out at? I try not to go to similar restaurants as I work at. I like little ethnic spots.

What new menu item are you most excited for people to try? A dessert. The Roast Pineapple Custard with spiced madeline cake, French curry and heirloom squash.