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Cheers to Swine - Moonshine + Whiskey Bar


Swine is known as the moonshine + whiskey focused counterpart to the Swank and Swine restaurant and bar experience at Portland’s Paramount Hotel. Although whiskey may be the least of the bars worries with over 300 to choose from, the rest of Swine’s extensive cocktail list may be yours. With their ever changing cocktail menus there will most likely be something that will please anyone who walks into this craft cocktail bar.

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I spoke with Joe, one of the main bartenders to get the inside scoop on how the menu gets curated. It comes from the bartenders themselves (which makes it one of my favorite qualities of Swine), so they know and are excited about the drinks they are serving. The team of bartenders has a drink think tank every couple months, combining their favorite sips with others tips and expertise. This is also so you, as the customer can keep coming back to your favorite spot and always have something new to try… or you can just stick with a favorite!

Here a few of their most popular drinks I tried for you:

Mulberry Bend
This cocktail was named after Mulberry Street in the heart of Manhattan’s Little Italy. Therefore it is a play off the classic Manhattan. With a hint of orange and nutty notes of walnut you will not be able to get enough of this perfect spin off.

Jim Beam Black, sweet Vermouth, Nocello, Harlequin orange liqueur, black walnut bitters

Smooth Sailing
Fresh herbs, one thing that has always been a go to ingredient to any craft cocktail. House made cilantro infused vodka is introduced with sweet mango. Anyone who enjoys cilantro knows that adding mango takes you right to a tropical setting. This cocktail gets you right there without the blast of overly sweet. Bring on summer!

House infused cilantro vodka, mango syrup, lemon, cilantro, dried mango

Flu Shot
Taking the Penicillin cocktail onto new heights, this drink will put some pep in your step. The beet syrup gives off a cute pink color but don’t let that fool you this drink still packs a punch! The ginger, beet and lemon combo as the prefect savory and sweet cocktail you were hoping for. My personal favorite cocktail… for now.

Dewar’s scotch, honey simple, beet syrup, lemon, ginger juice